From ancient times where 'survival' took up most of energy and time of human beings, to modern times giving us the luxury of pursuing our 'desires'. The quest for fulfillment, contentment, joy, and happiness is a common thread to every human being. Whether in east ancient masters like Kapil, Patanjali, Buddha, Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu OR in ancient Greece masters like Diogenes, Heraclitus, Epicurus and Pythagoras have given their insights and guidance to the seekers of truth.

As the masters like Patanjali and Buddha amongst others have insisted on Right Food, Right Excercise, Right Sleep, RIGHT MEDITATION and Right Samadhi / Nirvana. The keyword is RIGHT.

Most of us are naturally trying to find fulfillment through outer materialistic means, but deep down every materialistic desire, addiction or habitual tendencies are a quest for being one with the universe, to be in touch with our authentic core nature. A gambler is addicted to gambling because in the moment of 'stake' one is totally present in the moment. So, again and again, they go to feel that aliveness of moment. The same way a drunkard is drinking to experience few hours of relief when they can put aside their fake mask of conditioning and forget the tension of being 'proper' in other's eyes.

These are WRONG MEDITATIONS, while most of the people associate the word 'Meditation' with 'Concentration', it is not so. Being totally aware and attentive at the moment without 'choosing to focus' on one object or sense is Meditation. What is articulated by Jiddu Krishnamurti as "Choiceless Awareness". Where attention isn't focused like the light of a torch but like Sun spreading its rays in all directions choicelessly.

We at Pashupati Yoga practice various kinds of Active, Passive, Guided, Cathartic and Centering techniques to experience true Dhyana (Meditation).

Also, tools are provided specially to transform marketplace stress, anxiety and tension of daily life into the experience of Oneness with Universe that is :

MEDITATION or DHYANA. We also use Breath, Voluntary movements and visualizations according to unique needs of every individual according to their personality type.

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